Osama bin Laden eats pork and drinks beer.

Oh! what I wouldn't give for a picture of bin Laden chugging a 40 and eating a large rack of pork ribs. I can see the photo now with bin Laden's beard gnarled with BBQ sauce. In the background, the fridge full of 40's from Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice video is open. bin Laden's top general's are in the around macking on Jewish/Christian/Hindu women. This one photo would go so far to stop the insanity that I fear will soon envelop the world. Discrediting bin Laden to his followers would go so far to stopping all this. If he is just found and killed, he becomes simply another holy warrior and martyr of the highest order to his followers.
Whew! that felt good. Originally I nodeshelled that header, but bones rightly nuked it.
Still in Brazil -- Tuesday at least. Non noding friends who have been coming to e2 to keep track of me sorry for not posting daylogs (this) for the last couple of days.
My screed of the other day has sat heavily on my shoulders. The hatred and grief that I expressed scare the hell out of me. I'm still struggling with what I believe and feel. Everyone (sane) wants peace, but I also realize how important justice is again. Call it vegenance as I did the other day, but you don't roll over when attacked. I love the United States of America -- not it's government, not its misdeeds, but its core goodness.

If I don't find an English copy of Hesse's Siddhartha I am going to go insane (doh a google search just gave me the text whew)! I'm off to read. I'll be back later.