One hell of a day at work today...

So I come into work and check my logs as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. On a whim, I decide to grep a couple packet sniffing logs for the word "sex". Lo and behold, sometime yesterday during the workday someone was browsing pr0n. No big deal to me, and then the VP in charge of operations comes up behind me.


He takes a look at my screen (a TTY console on a big ass 19" monitor). "What is" he asks.

"Uh, a porn ad banner server I think." I answer truthfully. I'm glad he didn't ask how I knew that.

"Why are you looking at that?" he asks.

"I'm not," I say, "Someone else was yesterday."

"Who?" he asks.

"I don't know," I lie.

"During work?" he questions.

"Uh, yeah." I say.

"Find out who and tell me IMMEDIATELY." he says.

And now I'm the pr0n nazi. I went to the dude and told him to stop. Silly fuck tried to deny it at first. 'Cept programmers don't know shit (as a general rule) about computers -- networking especially. I showed him his cache from my machine. He apologized for lying. I told him I probably would have done the same thing -- lying in his situation that is.

Now my boss is all over me though. I don't want to rat the dude, because I think he'll get fired. But if it comes down to me taking shit cause some dumb mf can't surf pr0n on his own time... So far I've held them off by telling them that the DHCP server keeps me from telling exactly who had that IP. Bullshit of course (as that specific machine has a static IP addy).

In a related note, I found three other people who admitted to after hours surfing. I told them to stop. Again not cause I care, but because this is a conservative company (run by devout Muslims). Management will flip if this keeps up and ask me to install censorware. I can't ethically do that, and I'd probably have to quit. Man this shit sucks. If only I was faster on the Alt-F2.