All the dayslogs I've ever done, and that's the first time I ever noticed that handy link right at the top of the homenode. Jeez.

Anyway, I have to say (no matter how much it pains me) Windows 2000 Professional ain't half bad. I gotta support it at work, so I figure I'll bite the bullet and throw it on my home machine. It works. I can't break it... well of course I could, but I'd have to try;) It's let me change hardware and bang on it, and it hasn't really crashed. It doesn't like some of the VPN tinkering, but now that it's setup right even that doesn't break it.

More later.

It's later. Like the next day as defined by my sleep schedule. I'm blankly staring at the screen typing this gibberish in an attempt to kickstart the morning. I just finished typing my time tracking into out crappy HR database.

Now there's an app that's kind of typical of the worst of the way things can run around here. It's a terrible, blecherous, and literally lossy database, yet we still use it cause we'd either have to buy one that works or code one that works. Some intern coded this one. It sucks. It will lose whole weeks of data on a whim, but getting the inertia going around here to change it is next to impossible.

I keep hearing from the Notes ppl. "Yeah we could redo that in a week." For chrissake, do it then! But they don't want to touch it because management didn't let them do it in Notes in the first place.

The C++ guys don't want anything to do with it. I think they have an idea how ugly the source is, but in order to protect their turf they aren't going to do a complete rewrite. "See if you work twice as hard you can reuse half this code!" is their attitude. So they spec the job at a man-month. "Too long," says management.

Don't get me started on what the Java team says. No one can ever understand what the hell they're talking about. At times I think we have a Java team so that we can say we have a Java team. No one around here has the foggiest what to do with them. Rumor has it they are the reason we have fruit on our website.