Anybody remember when e2 was fun? Not addictive, not you come here cause you've been doing it for years and you have to, but actually fun. Node for the ages is crap. We are the ages. Everything we do and say is part of the ages. e2 used to reflect that. I'll grant the much larger amount of crap this produced, but most of everything is crap. Little crap, unsubstantial crap, trivial crap, in-jokes, jargon, slang, out of context hilarious crap. It's sad to see what's gone down.

Oh ye editors and gods and users lecture me not on the ways of e2.
Yea though I walk through the valley of blandness I fear not thy slight left leanings
For I feel them with you, yet do not give in to the incontinent pressures you feel
Rather let the crap spew forth in bad lines free of rhyme and meter
Allude to the ages but node for nothingness when you have nothing to say.

Ah to hell with it, I'll just keep it in my daylogs;)