Hey all this is the first day log I've thrown down in a while. I got my cable modem in (finally), and I now have home based Internet access -- even if I am comin' out da slums of The Network.

I got to say to Dizzy -- just get you's a sysadmin job doing NT at a company where you run the computers (i.e. not IBM, but Mom's House of Jello) then slowly move them to Linux. I've done that at my last two gigs, and I'm starting on it for my new company. Since I got there the firewall, the VPN, and three of our client's webhosted machines have gone to the Penguin. You can do it man!

Kaatnuut -- yes you have a good buzz going. My suggestion drink several more of whatever made you feel that way, and then vomit. That's what being drunk is like.

And finally Noether -- tell her taking out the aesbestos would expose you all to more aesbestos dust (the dangerous part) than leaving it there. I'd leave the house on Wednesday;)

Since I last wrote, I've scored a new apartment. I had two dates in three weeks (as opposed to 0 in several months) -- one with a stripper I met at a club (yeah that'll ever happen again:( One with a girl I chatted with online before I moved down here. Neither was real great as a date (probably my fault), but I'll probably see ICQ girl again. Come to think of it I'll probably see the stripper again -- I'll just have to pay a cover.

The new job is going well. I had to become work's pr0n nazi, but you shouldn't need to surf porn during the day -- while work is paying you.

They did end up firing old boy that was surfing pr0n though. Not specifically for that, but that was the final straw. He was the kind of programmer that would blame a glitch in his C++ code on "a bug in MFC". To which, my very straight-laced boss supposedly replied, "Well, Will call Bill and get the source so we can correct it." Apparently if you're a C++ programmer that exchange is hilarious.

They've got me brushing up on my Perl skills at work as well. That's promising... I think.

OH HELL!!! They gave me AS/400 to play with as well. It's this cute piece of IBM big iron running the incredibly silly OS/400. It's enough to make me long for the pain of AIX. We're also buying some piece of Sun hardware also. What do people know about Sun OS 5.6? Supposedly though Solaris will do the same trick in a 'NIX based environment. I will be pushing for that.