The Louie at the Last Supper sketch was classic State material.

Basically Jesus is trying to have the last supper, but then one of the apostles whispers that Louie is coming over. All the apostles get excited like a class of schoolkids about Louie showing up. It's classic when they tell JC Louie is coming over.

He mumbles something about, "Yeah the guy with the dip my balls in it thing, that gets kind of old."

So then Louie shows up and they get him a plate of baba ganoush to dip his balls in. The apostles follow Louie back to his place all the while yelling, "I WANT TO DIP MY BALLS IN IT."

Meanwhile back at the Last Supper...

The Romans show up and ask Jesus if he's seen Jesus. He sends them after Louie... could've happened.