I went to the Halsted Street Market Days in Chicago today. The neighborhood around Halsted and Belmont in Chicago is sometimes called Boytown for the large gay and lesbian community that has sprung up there. So HSMD ends up being mostly a big gay bash *wince*. Sorry, anyway...

In my continuing quest to wear homemade clothes to events that have a large attendance, I grabbed a white t-shirt and neatly printed, "I'm straight, but you might be the one." on it in block letters with a big Sharpie. I got hit on by everything that moved. Talk about a cheap ego boost. This was way better than wearing my "My god can beat up your god" t-shirt to the Cornerstone Christian music festival.

A gorgeous trans-either-vestite-or-gender person walked right up to me and said by way of introduction, "You're coming home with me tonight honey. We'll see how straight you are." I gotta tell ya I was moved, literally. Other than a brief flirtation with arrowfall that's the closest I've come to going home with a guy. Of course, I'm not sure that really would've counted as I was going home with shem for looking a like a hot redheaded girl, but that's not the point. Well, maybe it is... I'm confused;)

Actually, I am kind of confused.