I had a strange dream set in a post apocolyptic Mad Max style world. A co-worker of mine and I were some of the few people left in a dank, rainy, and very grey world. He had a sniper rifle for some reason, and we took turn shooting ambiguous ratlike creatures for food. We stumbled upon a few other people who we took under our collective wing, and then we heard that so-and-so the bad mf and his gang were coming and that we should clear out.

They left me behind to delay them (without the rifle oddly enough). As it turns out so-and-so turned out to be Vincent D'Nofrio in his character from the upcoming movie The Cell. I convinced the gang that I wanted to join them, and Vince gave me a test. He wanted me to convince this woman that was on her way that I was him. If I could he would let me live. If not, no more mcSey.

The woman shows up, and oddly she was no one I've ever seen before in real life. She's this girl next door style cute as a button redhead. I tried to intimidate her, and it first it worked. She got wise real fast though, but she also figured out that I was the co-leader of the group her friends were with. She played it cool. So we start to travel with Vince and his gang with me still acting the leader. Then just as we met up with my co-worker and the rest of his ppl, I woke up.

I think I got a B movie here. Somebody get me Bruce Campbell's number.