It's been one of those days. Eclectic failure, stupid shit, and bad news all piled up on me today. I'd just day log this crap, but I don't want to be scrolling through the various daylogs later in life and see a horrid reminder of today. My buddy and his pal are laughing about something. I wish I could laugh (oh shit I sound like a melodramatic 13 year old).

Things that sucked about today:

Unsuccessfully trying to graft NT onto a six year old HP Vectra. That took four hours of my life. I want it back M$. That wouldn't be too bad as I have failed at installing a specific OS on a specific machine many times. But this was a cheap hardware bullshit assignment from the start, and I said so from the start. Ok well, actually I said "I'll see if I can do it", rather than the usual "Sure, no prob". To make it worse mcwax a personal friend of mine asked me to do it. We don't often get a chance to work together, and it'd been cool to work with him again.

So just as I was finishing up failing at that, the president of the company (there's only about 35 of us), comes to me and ask for IP accounting logs. I've already become work's pr0n nazi. Now I have to be the surf nazi too (weren't there surf nazi's in Point Break). I'm gonna take a whole lot of shit for that. Go ahead shoot the phrackin messenger.

So finally, I go to generate reports from the ipfm accounting logs I have, and I realize that I have no way of matching source and destination IP's to tell the boss where people have been going. This is something of a relief as no one will get busted without knowing they were being sniffed, but OTHO I just took a bitching about the (admitedly) stupid way I setup the IP logging.

In the end I see several courses of action.

  1. Run head first full speed into the wall ala the Egyptian prison warden with a scarab in his skull in The Mummy.
  2. Move into marketing. (JK I'm not that frustrated yet.)
  3. Ban all Microsoft products from the network -- a fine idea of course, but as we do develop Windows (well Lotus Notes on NT) based server apps for mostly Windows clients, a bit impractical.
  4. Roam the office with a baseball bat and a shotgun going postal on machines that have pissed me off... and that guy in accounting.
  5. Deal with it, and try again tomorrow. Shit, I only see one decent option... Where's my box of shells?