The SEPTA System noding project

I've decided to start the process of noding the SEPTA rail system by listing the regional rail and subway lines.

Regional Rail Lines

Where the line goes is given North or East first.

There are too many stops in the Regional Rail system for me to list them all here. I will be noding these lines over the next few weeks. I guess if you're in a rush, you can do them yourself...


Blue Line (Market-Frankford EL)- Follows Market Street through West Philadelphia, then at 2nd Street turns north and proceeds into Northeast Philadelphia.

Broad Street (Orange) Line- Follows Broad Street from the Frankford Terminal in North Philadelphia through Center City, to the Stadiums at Pattison Ave. in the south.

(From North to South)
  • Fern Rock Transportation Center
  • Olney (5600 N. Broad)
  • Logan (5100 N. Broad)
  • Wyoming (4700 N. Broad)
  • Hunting Park (4300 N. Broad)
  • Erie (3700 N. Broad)
  • Allegheny (3200 N. Broad)
  • North Philadelphia (2700 N. Broad)
  • Susquehana-Dauphin (2300 N. Broad)
  • Cecil B. Moore (Temple University), (1700 N. Broad)
  • Girard (1200 N. Broad)
  • Fairmount-700 N. Broad
  • Ridge Spur
    • Chinatown
    • 8th & Market
  • Spring Garden-600 N. Broad
  • Race-Vine-300 N. Broad
  • City Hall (Broad & Market Streets)
  • Walnut-Locust (200 S. Broad)
  • Lombard-South (600 S. Broad)
  • Ellsworth-Federal (1200 S. Broad)
  • Tasker-Morris (1600 S. Broad)
  • Snyder (2100 S. Broad)
  • Oregon (2700 S. Broad)
  • Pattison (3600 S. Broad)- Veteran's Stadium, FU Center, FU Spectrum.

Light Rail (High Speed Line)

100- Starts at Norristown and proceeds southeast to 69th Street Terminal.

  • Norristown Transportation Center
  • Bridgeport
  • King Manor
  • Hughes Park
  • Gulph Mills
  • Matsonford
  • County Line
  • Radnor
  • Villanova
  • Stadium
  • Garrett Hill
  • Rosemont
  • Bryn Mawr
  • Haverford
  • Ardmore Avenue
  • Ardmore Junction
  • Wynnewood Road
  • Beechwood-Brookline
  • Penfield
  • West Overbrook
  • Parkview
  • 69th Street Terminal

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If you want to help with this, please contact me.

On a side note, isn't SEPTA the stupidest name you've ever heard of for a transportation entity? It sounds way to close to "septic" for my taste.