Top ten reasons why having a Jewish girlfriend is awesome:

10. She'll laugh at your jokes (most of the time).
9. She had a Jewish mother too, so she won't act like one.
8. She knows what good food tastes like.
7. She will put up with your overprotective parents.
6. She will be on Jewish Standard Time.
5. She won't demand you eat treyf.
4. She'll understand when you speak in yiddish
3. She won't be afraid to be loud or of people who talk a lot.
2. Her parents will call you a mensch (probably).
1. There aren't that many out there.

Top ten reasons why having a Jewish girlfriend sucks:

10. She's probably a JAP
9. You'll have to put up with her Jewish mother.
8. She's gunna be expensive.
7. She's gunna be high maintenance.
6. She knows you'll put up with her being on JST.
5. She's probably totally insane.
4. She'll understand when you insult her for kvetching.
3. She won't put up with your BS.
2. She'll always know exactly what you're thinking.
1. She's gunna be a pain in the tuckus!

The key to a successful relationship, so far as I see it, is to love the top ten and be able to overlook the bottom ten. It's definitely not easy. I haven't had a relationship really work yet, so I can't talk. When you find yourself saying, "well, at least she's not a shiksa." that's how you know it's over.