My friend Sara eats her pizza crust first. I asked her last night why she did so, and her answer taught me something about myself. I'd like to share that knowledge with you, my loyal followers.

Sara told me that she eats pizza crust first because she doesn't like the crust as much as the rest of the pizza. Her thought process is that if one eats the less favorable item first, she can look forward to the rest of the pizza, knowing that it will be better. She will have something to look forward to, and that makes up for the less desirable beginning of the consumption process.

Whenever I have two tasks, let's say for example a DSP project for school and a blog entry, I would do the blog entry first, for several reasons. First off, I have enough time to do both. Secondly, I will enjoy the blog entry significantly more than the DSP project.

I am very pleased with the way my life is going. Of course not every day is perfect, but overall in the end I'm content as a human being. Nothing that I have to do is so terrible that I hurry to do that first to get it over with. I'm grateful to be able to have this mindset and be able to enjoy my senior year of college the way that I am.

What I'm trying to say is that when I eat the pizza that is my life, I eat the best parts first and the crust last, if at all.