Sometimes I wish I could tell the future.

There are so many choices in my life right now. What should I study? Where? Do I like living here, or should I move somewhere else? Where do I want to be in five years? Ten? What effect will my choices have on my future?

I allow myself to look backwards in time, I begin to question and regret all of my past decisions. What if I went to college somewhere else? Would I be better off? Am I living to my potential, or is there something more?

Sometimes, when left to my own devices, I think. I think about who I am, and I wonder about who I will become. And so I wish I could know today what tomorrow holds for me and to be able to predict which of my many choices is the correct one.

The fact is that I know in my gut that one day I will be world famous. When the biographers write about my life, they will surely have a chapter on my accomplishments. However, there will be a critical chapter in there somewhere about Marc’s early days. I want this chapter of my life to reflect my integrity, and my resolve to succeed.

I cannot take back my actions of yesterday. I wouldn’t take them back, even if I could. Some of my decisions were good, some were not, and I’ve learned from all of them. In life, it’s the journey, not the destination. Going forward, so long as I stick to my decisions and learn from them, the journey of this life will be long and prosperous.

I do not need a crystal ball to tell the future. My actions define my future, and I choose to be a success.