Yet another step on the path to freedom.

Just as we are dependent on clothing manufacturers to provide us with what we wear every day, and food producers to provide us with what we eat, too many people rely on their jobs and banks to provide them with the cash they spend every day to maintain their daily lifestyle. They use it to pay their bills, their rent, the local Target store, without once thinking about the effects of this dependence.

Think about it: how many of you could smelt the metal from the rocks in your backyard to mint your own coins? Or master the art of engraving well enough to create your own paper money?

I couldn't, plain and simple. But I wanted to learn.

If you want to begin down the road of cash independence, I suggest starting small. Try the following this week, or this month, and see what results:

So, get going! All you have to lose is a little printer paper, and a whole lotta freedom!