It is true that Everything will continuously experience new nodes for the rest of its existence -- even the daylogs will continue to be generated in the absence of active noding. However, this presumption that Everything will continue expanding forever neglects to take into account the power of editorial nuking.

As Everything continues to grow, more and more editors will be called upon to moderate the nodes. It is conceivable that, at some point in the distant future, a critical mass of editors will occur which will begin nuking nodes and writeups at a rate greater than the rate of new node generation.

Everything cosmologists are busy researching this question as we speak, to determine when and if Everything may begin to collapse. Calculations are difficult, as the rate of Everything expansion is partially dependent on the growth of the Internet as a whole and the number of times Everything gets Slashdotted. There is also the question of how many "dark noders" exist in the Everything space.

It is also unknown what will happen after the End of Everything, if it does occur. Some believe that it will collapse into a singularity and the domain sold off to an international porn site. Others believe that shortly afterward, a new, glorious Everything3 will erupt from the nodes and noders and continue, Brahma-like, the cycle of expansion and collapse in perpetuity.