What the hell is wrong with society today?
It must be the kids who think they're so smart
Or all the noisemakers whose songs are called "art"
It must be the drivers who clog all the roads
And writers who fill the newspapers with loads
Of liberal viewpoints and government crime
And too-thin celebrities wasting our time
Soliciting funds for the Cause of the Day
Alongside the cigarette ads which help pay
For companies poisoning civilized air
And cutting down trees till there isn't a square
That hasn't been razed for a new shopping mall
Or houses to add to the suburban sprawl
Or rotten old slums for the poor and the trash
Who rob us in alleys and take all our cash
So that we have no money left which can pay
Our taxes which grow higher day after day
To feed the fat checkbook of some politician
While corporate lobbyists finish their mission
To make the world safer for power and greed
And things that we want, not the things that we need
And the small businessman just gets smaller and smaller
While dismal skyscrapers get taller and taller
And the big businessman's happily living large --
Yep, things would be different if I were in charge!