Everybody's met them, at one time or another. They are:
  • Guys who are nice guys by choice. These are the rarest, and everybody, male and female both, recognizes them right off the bat. Women are most attracted to this sort. Other guys either are drawn to his personality or react against it like cesium in a swimming pool.

  • Guys who are nice guys by disposition. A little less common, but still useful. Women, in general, will tend toward this sort after the nice-by-choice ones are all taken. They tend to have fewer friends, but more "friends" who recognize that they can take advantage of them easily.

  • Guys who are nice guys because they aren't bright enough to get away with being evil. This sort makes up the vast majority of nice guys on the planet. They are indistinguishable from the second sort to those who are looking for a boyfriend/potential mate. Only his friends will be able to tell which one he is. Women should take their advice.