On my board, for the title, as an attempt to be clever, I had wrote, "cout « "Programming Languages and Executables" « endl;"

What was my project on? Something incredibly simple: comparisons of executable size in visual basic, quick basic, c, and c++.

Even the announcer at the awards ceremony read my title and saying, "Her title is 'foo', if anyone knows what that means."

So let me get this straight: you knowingly filled your science project with references and terminology that are unique to computer science, didn't explain any of them so that a layman could understand them, and then you get upset because a bunch of non-geeks were confused?

Shame on you.

The whole point of a science project is to educate people about something that you researched. If you knew full well that everyone else thought "computer science" meant typing and video games, you should have taken the time to explain what an executable was, what the fundamental differences were in your chosen languages, and why the ultimate file size should make any difference.

The world is not like E2: you can't expect people to automatically be familiar with field-specific terminology. Of course your public school teachers don't know what "cout" and "endl" mean; they've never studied programming.

Be fair and reasonable. Not everyone has the same background knowledge that you do.