Following the famous "It's 106 miles to Chicago" line, Jake and Elwood Blues eventually make it to the Loop, followed by what appears to be every single police car in the city of Chicago ("The use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers has been approved").

A little bit of creative driving ensures that every single one of those police cars crashes, and if I'm not mistaken, establishes a record for the largest number of automobiles crashed in a single movie which still stands today. The Chicago Police Department was so irate that for the next couple of decades, they refused to allow their cars to be used in any movies, anywhere, for any reason.

The latest release of the video for this movie has contemporary interviews of the actors involved, and one of them argues that the car crashes are part of the musical, that there's a real music, a Harmony of the Tires if you will, in all these car crashes. It's true. But you won't believe it unless you've seen it for yourself.