An animated movie from Disney based on a story of the same name from Lloyd Alexander's The Prydain Chronicles. Set apart by the fact that it was the first animated Disney flick to achieve PG status.

This movie was a bit of a box office flop, and while I enjoyed it thoroughly as a child, watching it again as an adult revealed exactly why. It wasn't the dark, nasty villain, or the PG rating it was given as a result. It was the general lack of depth the characters, all of them, possessed. It's not that the movie wasn't exciting, it just wasn't that compelling.

As a result, Disney took a miss on releasing it to video for many, many years. They finally did so in 1999, first in Britain and then in the United States, to satisfy the collectors who mourned this gaping hole in their collection of Disney animation. The studio's general lack of enthusiasm in doing so was noticable in the absence of any mass media to announce or co-promote the release, and the use of a special foil-enhanced cover on the video box to draw attention to it because the its name was insufficient.