May I suggest looking for assistance in job/career planning? My university offered a semester-long course, but it should be possible to get information on this from a good community college or local university; you ought to be able to get assistance as a walk-in or with a couple of appointments rather than take an extended class.

The basic routine involves a sort of personality test, or two or three of them, that helps isolate which fields you're most talented in and which ones you're most interested in. After that, you can get assistance in finding out more about other possible careers, how to conduct an informational interview to get more information about working someplace, and so forth. This sort of thing was invaluable in helping me choose my current career path.

I would start by calling your favorite community college and see whether they have a department, or at least resources, for job and career planning. Then decide if you want to make an appointment to talk to someone there. It may cost you a few bucks to make the appointments and take the tests, but it's a small expense compared to the chance to pick your perfect career.