I, too, have had a POS bike ripped off from in front of my apartment building. For months it had been parked against a tree, its rear wheel Kryptonite-locked to the frame to prevent anyone from riding off with it -- so eventually, while I was gone for a weekend, someone decided to pick it up with the lock still on the wheel and take it away. I was more puzzled than annoyed, really.

But that's reasonably understandable. I mean, even if it wasn't brand new, it could've been worth a few bottles of Absolut to someone out there.

The kicker for me was when I moved into an apartment building in Champaign-Urbana and discovered that we had to use laundry in the building next door. Odd, but that's where the closest machines were. So the first time I went there, I figured, "Their building is smaller than ours. I'll just leave my cleaning supplies here. Shouldn't be a problem."

A week later, I came back to do the next load of laundry. Detergent was there. Dryer sheets weren't. For whatever reason, someone, in one of these buildings, stole my half-empty box of dryer sheets.

The things people will do to save $1.89....