The OMNIBOTS are special double-change cars that are in the early stages of evolution. Little is known about their true strengths or weaknesses. Tech Specs rating tests have not been completed for this new form of Autobots. -- from the toy instructions

In 1984-85, the Transformers toy line was fortified with a special mail-away program. Each Transformer included a small number of "robot points" on the outside of the package, which you could send in to Hasbro in return for special Transformers not available in stores.

The Decepticon camera Reflector was one of these. The Omnibots were three more. The special group name given to these Autobots was probably unnecessary, since they were similar in size and style to the other large Autobot cars available in stores. They did have a special feature which the other Autobots didn't, however: an "armored car" mode where some weapons could be attached to their vehicle modes. Unfortunately, this didn't quite make up for their robot modes, which, while respectable enough, certainly weren't as impressive as the large cars which made it into stores and the animated cartoon.

Three Omnibots were available by mail, and are considered quite collectible by fans: Camshaft, a grey Mazda Savannah RX-7; Downshift, a white Toyota Celica XX; and Overdrive, a red Ferrari BB 512. None of them came with tech specs of any kind, and none were ever featured in the Transformers cartoon or comic book. Their personalities were and are left entirely to the imagination of fan fiction writers.