Japanese Internet users have applied their technological savvy to the world of emoticons and devised a series which can be used without having to tilt your head to the side. A sampling (the parentheses are usually optional):

 (^_^)               Regular smiley
 (^.^)               Girl smiley (mouth closed)
 (^o^)               Happy (cheering)
 (T_T) or (;_;)      Sad (crying)
 (@_@)               Bewilderment or surprise (wide eyes)
 (-_^)               Winking smiley
 (-_-)               Sleeping smiley
\(^_^)/ or \(^o^)/   Banzai smiley (arms over head)
 (*^o^*)             Exciting (raised hands, spread fingers)
 (^__^)              Wide smiley (more emphasis)
 (^_^;)              Embarassed (cold sweat)
 (^o^;>)             "Excuse me?" (arm scratching head)
 (*^o^;)             "Excuse me?" (hand raised)
 (^o^)V              Victorious smiley ("V for Victory")
 m( )m               Apology (bowing down)
 =^.^=               Cat (with whiskers)