whizkid's argument makes me think of two things:

  1. If humans were designed by an intelligent Creator, then we were created with the ability to eat animals, so it must be moral to eat meat.
  2. If humans are solely the product of evolution and there is no God, then morality is relative, so it isn't immoral to eat meat.

Of course, the above is far from a watertight logical argument. But it does highlight the fallacy of making moral arguments about vegetarianism.

Whenever this comes up within earshot, I keep thinking of a Bloom County comic strip where Binkley has hung himself upside-down in a tree with a handkerchief over his mouth to stop himself from "massacring millions of innocent germs." One has to draw the line between killable and non-killable life forms somewhere; why should it be any less ethical to draw it just below human beings than just above plants?