A code of behavior for modern-day gentlemen, but it's just as applicable for ladies. It's entirely self-defined, and to my knowledge, you won't find this in any etiquette books or Miss Manners newspaper columns.

  • A gentleman respects the opinions and beliefs of others at all times. He doesn't try to force his beliefs on others or engage in debates over debatable issues. He regards his own opinions as flexible, but not completely liquid.
  • A gentleman offers his help to others whenever he sees a need. This covers the range from performing CPR in an emergency to holding a door open for the people behind you.
  • A gentleman is gracious to others. He accepts help when it is offered whether it is required or not, even if it is a service he is paying for. He immediately offers a "Thank you" for services rendered and a "You're welcome" for thanks rendered.
  • A gentleman is humble. He never gloats over who he is or what he's done. He does what he does because he believes he should, not because it impresses others or leaves them indebted to him.
  • A gentleman is mindful of his own appearance. This is not the same as vanity, which is an obsession with one's appearance. Rather, he is aware that first impressions count with others. He takes care to present himself as organized and well-dressed within whatever level of society or of income he belongs.