Well, I haven't been able to make myself read past the first couple of paragraphs of any of the postings in the latest dustup on the state of e2. I created my account in January of 2001, then known as Captain Wings, which was a nickname bestowed by my wife's clan, who all had nicknames. After we divorced in 2004 I had my username changed to maxClimb, which sort of relates my hang gliding activities. So I've seen the change in tone and emphasis over time. I take a look every day, for some reason, though I rarely post anymore. I've never tried to be part of the e2 social scene, but there are personalities here who I like, care about, and miss when they don't post or I don't see they're gabbing in the catbox.

I was drawn to e2 because it was like an encyclopedia with quirks and personality. There was hilarious stuff, moving stuff, and informative stuff. It was interesting as hell. I like scanning the catbox and contributing the occasional bad pun. It still is more interesting than just about anything else I've seen on the web, but I don't know if I would create an account if I had just discovered it today. The writing is better now, but it is less informative overall. The purely fictional stuff usually holds scant appeal for me unless it is extremely well written. Some of the stylistic excursions are interesting. I like to learn things when I surf e2, and to laugh a bit. When I come across things like some of originalzin's recent writings, I'm moved. The writings of those who are troubled or greatly burdened yet still manage to function, grow and contribute keep my compassion at an acceptable level, jaded to the core though I am. If all the poetry got deleted tomorrow, I wouldn't miss it.

I wish e2 was still more factually oriented, but I wish lots of things, idly. I'm 45 and more into accepting the things I cannot change these days. What e2 is at any time emerges from the gestalt of those who are the most active at that time. Wherever it IS going, I'll probably keep hanging around. I have a few writeups I really want to do if I ever find the time. I'd sure like to see another of my Gone in Sixty Seconds plays produced; of course, I'd have to write another one...

So the discussion is good - like a family meeting can be good. As long as there are few unbridled emotional outbursts, no regrettable statements you can't take back, and no loudly slammed doors. There's enough of that in meatspace.

I had intended on writing two sentences on the subject and then writing about how I spent most of the day doing yard work, how a newfound sense of ownership has unexpectedly emerged now that my older brother, whom I love dearly and have enjoyed living with these last three years, is actually moving in with his girlfriend of seven years (whom the family first met at MY wedding, some months after HIS divorce). I lived here for years, then moved in with my future wife. My Bro moved in here after his divorce, forcing the tenant out a month early. I moved in here 'temporarily' three years ago. We've gotten on well and have started a web design business with a third party and have taken on three more part-time partners who'll go full-time when there's enough work and income for everyone. Might be soon.

I don't have a lot of typing left in my fingers tonight, so more about all that later, I guess. I hadn't realized how things like having the big trash bins (trash/recycling/lawn waste) in the driveway bugged me until I moved them out behind the garage today. I'm a "don't sweat the small stuff" kinda guy, but maybe I'm retaining water from not sweating enough.

I just hope I don't have to go back and fix these pipe links - I ALWAYS get it backwards.

(Yep, every one was worng...)