Currency-Assisted Cigarette Rolling Method

1. Smokable plant material
2. Dollar bill or other currency note
3. Cigarette paper

1. Hold dollar bill with long sides perpendicular to fingers and a depression in the middle of the bill, between thumb and fingers of one hand.
2. Place a reasonable amount of plant material in the depression and spread evenly across the width of the note.
3. Bring the ends of the banknote together and work your fingers and thumbs up and down in opposite directions, gently rolling the plant material into a compact cylinder.
4. Carefully spread your thumb and fingers a little and place a cigarette paper between the far side of the cylinder and the bill, gummed edge up and facing you.
5. Reclose bill and smoothly roll upward with your thumb(s) until the cigarette paper has gone completely around the plant material.
5. Lick the gummed edge of the paper and resume rolling until it seals with itself.
6. Remove cigarette from bill, tamp or twist ends as desired, and store or smoke.

Somewhat 'used' bills work better than crisp new ones.
You might want to wipe residual plant material from bills used for this purpose, depending on local community standards.