Freedom Isn't Free was a song performed by Up With People and included on their 1965 LP of the same name.

Sung by the entire chorus of squeaky clean young people, backed up by the Colwells on guitar, it was upbeat with some wry lines in the verses, which were sung solo by one of the Colwell guys. A good lead-in to the show closer 'Which Way America?"


Freedom isn't free
Freedom isn't free  
You gotta pay a price
You gotta sacrifice
For your liberty.


Freedom is a word often heard today
But if you want to keep it there's a price to pay.
Each generation's gotta win it anew
'Cause it's not something handed down to you.

The next verse refers to George Washington and the soldiers' hardship at Valley Forge that led to the USA's independence.

The following verse describes the ancient Romans partying away and not noticing the barbarians at the gate.

Final verse:

From Vietnam to Alamein
Our fighting men will have died in vain,
If we just go on with our comfort and ease
Doin' exactly as we dang well please.


Looking back, The equating of Vietnam to WWII in terms of guarding our (USA's) freedom is quite specious. I suppose if it were to be written today, or 'updated', they'd say "From ol' Baghdad to Alamein..." or some such.


Source: Liner of original LP