Was up from Midnight to 1 last night trying to get tired. Went to bed, got back up at 3 and read about JSP and Servlets until 5. Drove down the mountain to catch the Metrolink to work. The vending machine wasn't taking plastic (for a ten trip pass) so I bought a round-trip ticket with a $20 - got 6 Sacagaweas and a Susan B. Anthony as change. Rode the train for an hour:ten, reading more about JSP and Tomcat. Rode the bus for 15 minutes and then strolled 5 more to the shop.

They announced we were going test flying because of weather coming in (as I suggseted yesterday). The irony is that my home is on the mountain we launch from! So I was at work 20 minutes before hopping in the boss' truck for a ride back to the train station I'd left an hour and a half plus before.
Got my truck and we all went to the LZ, dropped off my truck and went to the lowest launch to fly some trainers down.
The wind was blowing hard 90 degrees cross on launch, so we couldn't launch. We stood there for 40 minutes hoping it would get better - pre-frontal weather should have been providing wind straight up the launch. Eventually we decided they'd go back to the shop, I'd keep the two most important gliders to fly later (so they could be shipped to the customers) if it got better.

This was about 11:00 AM, and I was feeling pretty crispy.

About 1:00 (13:00) it was getting better, and I was up the mountain at home, having dashed there to get food, coffee, and to swap my slacks for jeans to fly in. I called and reserved a place on the 2:00 shuttle up the hill from the LZ and began retying the gliders (I hadn't put my front rack in for the trip to the train station, so the gliders weren't tied optimally). I then realized that I had left my harness in the boss' truck, which was now 1.5 hours away!

I took this as the cosmic sign to not fly today.

It got cloudy and cold, like winter again after a few days of some Spring version of Indian Summer here. I wasted a little time surfing E2 and then got to work on some files I'd had the foresight to slap onto a zip disk this morning before leaving the shop. Never remembered to crank the tunes...
Went to the store and got stuff for dinner, mildly surprising my wife, who's dozing on the sofa as I type this.

Overall, a good day.