Good day flying today, especially for February (my logs back to '85 show February as having the shortest average flight times). Flew the final version of the new model for the first time, and it was nice, with good roll response and a nice glide. It wasn't soarable, really, so I didn't get high enough to explore the speed range. Lands nicely.

The other three wings I flew were fine. The Talon I flew on the third flight, a regular production version, was especially nice, with little trim change as I tightened up the wing and good roll response. This was nice after the scary full-race wing I tested this weekend. There were some thin high clouds drifting overhead, so the thermals were on the mellow side, and it was really too cool for not wearing a jacket. I gave in for the third flight.

Our designer wasn't happy with the way the new (first) proto of the smaller size of the new model flew - too hot for intermediates. He took it out on me by assuming that I had answered badly an emailed technical question I brought up, and covered the fine points in a tone I expect he uses with his 6 year old daughter. They don't call him 'The Master of Communication' for nothing. If he ever takes that tone with me again, I'll call him on it, big time. There was some idle time while some certification videos were shot, so it wasn't that efficient in use-of-time terms, but the certification is important, especially for European sales, which might be better this year thanks to the weaker Dollar.

All in all positive, and that's the best we can hope for, most of the time.