Current Triton models include (prices: May 2002):

  • Triton -- basic model (ca. 2700 euros)
  • Triton Pro -- dito with 76 keys (3250 euros)
  • Triton ProX -- dito with 88 hammer-action keys (3700 euros)
  • Triton Rack -- a complete Triton in a 19" rackmount package (1900 euros)
  • Triton Le 61 -- budget version of the Triton; lighter, smaller, smaller display, no touchscreen, sampling capability must be bought extra; 61 keys (1700 euros)
  • Triton Le 76 -- Triton Le with 76 keys (1950 euros)
  • Triton Studio -- luxury model; includes the complete feature set of the Triton, plus a SCSI interface and an acoustic piano sound drawing from a whopping 16 mebibytes of wave memory; four times the capacity for memory expansion (up to 256 MB); more than double the programs; more of everything; 'studio' features for better handling of audio tracks; optional built-in CD writer (3500 euros)
  • Triton Studio Pro -- dito with 76 keys (4200 euros)
  • Trition Studio ProX -- dito with 88 hammer-action keys (newly developed 'RH2' hammer action); the nec plus ultra at 4900 euros

Korg has all but stopped producing non-Triton synthesizers such as the N series and the Z1. Their functionality is now available in Triton expansion boards. All they still make is a really old-tech (ca. 1994) and really cheap budget synth, the X5D(R), and a virtual-analog remake of their classic MS series, the MS2000. The Karma is a trippy Triton spinoff and doesn't count.

Available Trition expansion boards as of May 2002 (the PCMxx boards all feature 16 MB of sample data):

  • EXB-MOSS -- features the MOSS sound synthesis as built into the Z1
  • EXB-PCM01 -- Pianos and Classic Keys
  • EXB-PCM02 -- Studio Essentials
  • EXB-PCM03 -- Future Loop Construction Kit
  • EXB-PCM04 -- Dance Extreme
  • EXB-PCM05 -- Vintage Archives
  • EXB-PCM06/07 -- Orchestral Collection
  • EXB-PCM08 -- Studio Grand Piano (as featured on the Triton Studio)
  • EXB-SCSI -- SCSI interface (Triton Studio comes with this built in)

The Triton and its success have caused the other 'Big Three' companies to answer with the Yamaha Motif and the Roland Fantom, keyboards similar to the Triton in functionality, in price, and in trying hard to be cool designwise and namewise.