1. A dialectal adjective meaning 'of or pertaining to Cologne, Germany'.
  2. The very special beer brewn in Cologne and nowhere else. Kölsch is very light on the alcohol, is loved by millions for its refreshing taste, and hated passionately by at least as many people, who generally deride it as being just water with a twist. If you happen to drink Kölsch in Cologne, you'll notice the glasses are very small (just 0.2 l as opposed to the usual 0.3, 0.4 or 0.5), which has caused people to nickname them 'test tubes'. You'll also notice that the waiter will take replace every empty glass with a refill without asking you. The secret to make the waiter stop bringing you new Kölsch is covering your glass with your beer mat.
  3. The strange German dialect spoken in Cologne and nowhere else, pretty similar to the language of the nearby Netherlands and Belgium (in my book at least -- they say it's not all that influenced by Dutch, but it sure sounds like it). Very hard to understand even if you understand German. For some reason, Kölsch rock music is quite popular in Germany (BAP/Wolfgang Niedecken, Brings).