I thought of a few more, which I am adding here for the sake of completeness...


If you find a penny on the ground, pick it up and throw it as far as you can. If you finish making your wish before the penny hits the ground, your wish will come true! (Be careful to throw the penny in a direction away from people or fragile objects!)


The first snowflake of winter is lucky! The first time a snowflake lands on your hand, make a wish as fast as you can. If you make your wish before it melts, it might come true!


I heard that if you suck out all the cheese out of the crust of a slice of Pizza Hut brand Stuffed Crustpizza before a child under the age of 8 sitting at the same table as you counts to 14, you get to make a wish. But it only works with Pizza Hut pizza and you have to be in an actual Pizza Hut restaurant, not eating take-out or delivery.

Baby Farts

Everytime a baby farts, make a wish. This is a good one, because babies actually fart a lot, so if you live with a baby you can get lots of wishes! Unfortunately, the rule is that your wishes can only be about how much better your life would be if you didn't have to live with this fucking baby.


Unicorns are magical wishing machines. Everytime you see one you get to make at least one wish, sometimes even two or three!

Also, for every wish you make, the unicorn dies a little.

Josef Stalin

It is a well known fact that Josef Stalin loved his fellow man so much, that even after he died part of his spirit remained on this mortal coil to continue making dreams come true, just as he did in life. Everytime two people accidentally say the phrase "Josef Stalin, Father of the Russian people" at exactly the same time, the person who shouts "Gulag!" the fastest gets to wish for anything they want!!!!


For every puppy you kill, one wish comes true.