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The Tragedy of

King Richard the third.

Containing, His treacherous Plots against his brother Clarence:
the pittiefull murther of his innocent nephewes:
his tyrannicall vsurpation: with the whole course
of his detested life and most deserued death.

As it hath beene lately Acted by the
Right honourable the Lord Chamber-
laine his seruants.


Printed by Valentine Sims, for Andrew Wise,
dwelling in Paules Chuch-yard, at the
Signe of the Angell. [1597].

(Title page of the first edition)

Richard III

    [Richard III: Dramatis Personae|Dramatis Personae]
    Act I
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    Act II
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    Act III
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    Act IV
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    Act V
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  • [Richard III V.iii|Scene iii]
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  • [Richard III V.v|Scene v]