dannye's all time favorite writeups on E2

Dannye maintained a short list of his all time favorite writeups on E2. He said these were writeups he would go back to and re-read for inspiration. He kept the list limited to just 15 writeups. I don't think it would ever have occurred to him to actually node these writeups, but Danny also believed in giving credit where credit is due, so I don't think he would mind my sharing this list with you now.

In no particular order:

Why the willow weeps, by Halspal
For a boat of white bone, and we three, by ToasterLeavings
This ocean is angry but I might live through it, by junkpile
Alien abduction, by iceowl
Pernicious denial, by iceowl
How I became king of the world, by riverrun
You are not special. You will die here, too., by iceowl
Why the world is more beautiful with a creator, by Quizro
We can meet her for you wholesale: a dreaming girl's singularity, by enth
Revelation of the Lamb in Four Parts, by creases
E2 is unfriendly to New Order, by sockpuppet
spider camp, by junkpile
You noders still fucking suck, but your needing my wisdoms bad, by ToasterLeavings
Memoir of a Well-Intentioned Man, by C-Dawg
Completely implausible circumstances, even by comic book standards, by kasuma