Anyone who has ever lived in Los Angeles knows that "makeout point" is not dead. It's called Mulholland Drive and it overlooks the San Fernando Valley and it's not going anywhere.

Where do you think most American movies and television shows are made? In the San Fernando Valley, at studios like Warner Bros., Universal, NBC, and Disney Buena Vista, all of which are located a few miles away from Mullholland.

I myself have kissed my girlfriend in my car at a lovely spot on Mullholland Drive above Encino (of Encino Man fame). At night it's beautiful, with the hills and the twinkling lights, just like in the movies. Why? Because those selfsame movies were either filmed there or just down the road.

I hate to shatter your pseudo-nostalgic delusions, but if other cities don't have a "makeout point" anymore, its because they never had one to begin with. So before you start spouting some sacharine treacle about not bulldozing the small towns to make way for the drug dealers, stop and wonder for a moment if you haven't been suckered by the very movies you believe you are critiquing.

I'm sorry your town never had a "makeout point," but don't come crying to me about it. Mine is quite nice, thank you.