Here's a novel idea: make more time to be with your kids yourself.

Listen to music with them, play board games, read to them, do arts and crafts projects together, let them help you cook, take them to concerts and plays and ballgames, get them outdoors and watch them play.

If you can't make time for your kids because you are too busy, give them fun assignments. Ask them to draw pictures for you, read a book and tell you about it, build a castle out of blocks, write a story or poem for you, make up a dance, give them a tape recorder and let them record stuff, or have them plan and perform a skit and let them dress up in your old clothes.

When your kids do watch TV, watch it with them. This not only lets you monitor what they watch, but also gives you an opportunity to discuss with them what you are watching together. I suggest watching documentaries and nature shows - kids love that stuff and there is a lot to talk about.

Oh, lastly, and maybe most importantly, watch less TV yourself! If you must watch, watch after they have gone to bed. TV will seem much less interesting to your kids if they think it's uninteresting to you!