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In the year AD 69...

  • A revolt breaks out in the [Roman Empire] against Emperor [Galba] when the armies of upper and lower [Germany] declare governor Aulus [Vitellius] emperor. Meanwhile Galba's right hand man, Marcus Salvius [Otho], secretly arranges a deal with the [Praetorian Guard], who have Galba murdered and name Otho emperor. Vitellius' legions march on Rome, defeating Otho at [Cremona], and Otho commits suicide. Vitellius proves a tyranical emperor however, and another revolt breaks out in the summer in the name of the governor of [Judea], Titus Flavius Vespasianus ([Vespasian]), led by Danubian governor [Antonius Primus]. In December, Primus' troops capture [Rome], Vitellius is killed, and the Senate names Vespasian (who is still in [Egypt]) emperor of Rome, beginning the [Flavian] Dynasty and almost a century of peace. Thus the year AD 69 is remembered as "The Year of the Four Emperors."
  • Chinese Emperor [Han Ming Ti] invades the southern kingdom of [Ai-Lao].
  • [Cartimandua], the queen of the British [Brigantes] tribe, is overthrown by her people when she repudiates her husband Venutius in favor of his armor-bearer Vellocatus.

These people were born in 69:

  • Roman historian [Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus|Suetonius].
  • Early Christian martyr [Saint Polycarp].

These people died in 69:

  • Roman Emperor Servius Sulpicius [Galba], lynched in the [Forum].
  • Roman Emperor Marcus Salvius [Otho], by suicide.
  • Roman Emperor Aulus [Vitellius], lynched on the [Stairs of Mourning].
  • [Antenor IV], King of the West [Franks].

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