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And all the carnall beauty of my wife, is but skin-deep, but to two senses known.

- English poet [Thomas Overbury|Sir Thomas Overbury], from his poem [The Wife], establishing
the basis for the phrase "[Beauty is only skin deep]."

Be warned, you stage strutters all,
Lest you again be catched,
And such a burning do befall
As to them whose house was thatched;
Forbear your whoring, breeding biles,
And lay up that expense for tiles.

- Anonymous, [A Sonnet upon the Pitiful Burning of the Globe Playhouse in London]

In the year AD 1613...

  • Russia's [Time of Troubles] finally comes to an end as the [Zemsky Sobor] (assembly of nobles) elects [Michael Romanov] tsar, establishing the [Romanov Dynasty] which would rule Russia until [1917].
  • In the sensational [The Thomas Overbury affair|Thomas Overbury Affair], English courtier [Frances Howard] has poet [Thomas Overbury] imprisoned in the [Tower of London] and later murdered by mercury poisoning in order to prevent Overbury from convincing her lover, [Robert Carr, 1st Earl of Somerset|Robert Carr], not to marry her.
  • The [New River] is opened to bring fresh water to [London] from springs to the north.
  • A fire completely destroys London's famed [Globe Theater] when, during a performance of [William Shakespeare]'s play [Henry VIII], a theatrical cannon misfires and sets the thatched roof alight. The theater will be rebuilt the following year.
  • English adventurer [Samuel Argall] captures [Algonquian] princess [Pocahontas] in Virginia to ransom her for some English prisoners held by her father, Chief [Powhattan]. Pocahontas ultimately chooses to remain among the English, converting to Christianity and taking an English husband, [John Rolfe].
  • Korean royal physician [Heo Jun] publishes the [Dongui Bogam], one of the most important texts on [traditional Korean medicine].

These people were born in 1613:

  • National poet of [Afghanistan] [Khushhal Khan Khatak].
  • Chinese philologist and geographer [Gu Yanwu].
  • Swedish general [Carl Gustaf Wrangel].
  • French writer [Charles Marguetel de Saint-Denis, Seigneur de Saint-Evremond].
  • French writer [François de La Rochefoucauld].

These people died in 1613:

  • English poet [Thomas Overbury], poisoned to death while a prisoner in the [Tower of London].
  • Italian composer and murderer [Carlo Gesualdo].
  • Italian composer and musical reactionary [Giovanni Artusi].
  • French poet [Mathurin Régnier].
  • English diplomat and scholar [Thomas Bodley], founder of the [Bodleian Library] at [Oxford University].

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