Canadian Television Show, shown on Showcase TV.

The Trailer Park Boys is a low-budget television show about the goings-on of Ricky, Randy, Bubbles, Julian, Mr. Lahey and J-Roc, the denizens of Nova Scotia's Sunnyvale trailer park. Season 1 begins with Ricky and Julian being released from prison, and trying to go straight. The format is comedic mockumentary, with the petty crimes and motivations of the inhabitants writ large. Imagine a show with 8 or 9 Homer Simpsons, influenced by both Cops and Spinal Tap, but more pot and B&E.

Cast of Characters
Ricky - the man with Reveen's hair (you will not understand this reference, unless you grew up in Atlantic Canada); loves pepperoni, lives in his car
Julian - the suave one; always has a rum and coke (the national drink of the East Coast!) in one hand
Bubbles - thick coke bottle glasses, smartest guy in the park, cat fetish; steals shopping carts for a living
Mr. Lahey - runs the park, alcoholic, former cop
Randy - Has a huge gut and never wears a shirt; weekend trailer park supervisor; Lahey and Randy are lovers
J-Roc - park bad boy

The show is extremely politically incorrect. Its heroes are unabashedly white trash who drink, grow hydroponic marijuana (the Freedom 35 Plan), break the law and swear constantly.

Rumours abound that MTV wanted to run the show following Jackass, but only if the show's creators nixed the drugs and gun play. It ended up on BBC America with all the swear words bleeped out.