Canada's most infamous woman.

Homolka is the former wife of Paul Bernardo, the infamous Canadian serial rapist and murderer. Bernardo assaulted numerous women in Scarborough and near the Toronto area before moving to St. Catharines, Ontario. As a couple, Bernardo and Homolka killed three women, the first of which was Homolka's sister.

Because of depressingly inept policework, Bernardo escaped justice for a long time. Homolka turned him in after fearing for her life. Because a lawyer stole incriminating videotape evidence from the couple's house, Homolka's role in the killings earned her a comparative slap on the wrist (she was sentenced to 12 years in 1993). When the videotaped evidence surfaced, 18 months after it was hidden, it showed Homolka was an active participant in the attacks. The Canadian public was outraged, but the crown had struck a deal. Bernardo received a life sentence in 1995, after the videotaped activities were shown at trial. (Canada does not have a Death Penalty).

The lawyer who hid the video evidence was cleared of all wrongdoings.

Homolka served the full sentence and was released from prison in 2005.