Canadian Politician and first Prime Minister. Served from 1 July 1867 - 5 November 1873 and 17 October 1878 - 6 June 1891.

Canada's first Prime Minister was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Prior to politics he practiced Law in Kingston, Ontario. He played an integral role in the 1860s Confederation conferences.

He was a colourful figure and a great orator. Macdonald was also a habitual drunk, and stories of his exploits are legendary. His legacy is creation of Canada and the building a transcontinental railway, Canada's backbone. In 1873 his government was defeated by the Liberals under Alexander Mackenzie. Macdonald served as leader of the opposition until 1878, when he again became Prime Minister. Sadly, he died destitute and in poor health.

Next Prime Minister: Alexander Mackenzie (1873) and Sir John J. C. Abbott (1891)