Italian movement originally formed in 1996 by leftist militant radicals to support the South American Zapatistas and spread the ideals of their struggle in Europe. Joined with the Tute Bianche in 1998 and adopted their tactic of using white overalls with heavy padding and shielding in demonstrations. The White Overall Movement has later spread throughout Europe and the US, both as Ya Basta itself or as separate organizations as The Wombles

Ya Basta often use methods of civil disobedience, most notably by trying to break through police barricades during protests using their polstered bodies as shields. This was first seen in a large scale in the World Bank/IMF protest in Prague 2000, later during the EU summit in Nice the same year.

The movement is somewhat controversial both in public consciousness and within the left itself. Confronting the police directly has the potential of starting riots and heightening the level of violence seen at the large protests after The Battle of Seattle. Neither have Ya Basta claimed any loyalty to any ideological direction on the left.

"Ya Basta!" is italian for "It's enough!".