First mentioned in 871, had the castle Castrum Tunsbergis raised around 1100 and was the home of the kings of Norway through most of the medieval times.

One and a half hours train ride from Oslo, Tønsberg is a popular summer destination among domestic travellers from eastern Norway. The citys old mercantile traditions are still strong, making Tønsberg both the main commercial hub and the administrative headquarters of the county of Vestfold. Surrounded by a smorgasbord of idyllic spots, most notably the beaches, the harbor in the centre of town, the Mountain of the Castle as mentioned and the preserved old town in the north.

The fastest growing city in Norway at the moment, and a heavy pressure area as living costs count, only to be surpassed by the capital Oslo. Tønsberg had 34.259 inhabitants in 1999. The local government of Tønsberg is filthy rich. The proximity to the capital has for years meant that troublesome and costly inhabitants have been exported there, leaving the town to the upper middle class.

Hometown of Lene Crawford of Aqua popularity, goth rockers Seigmen and Jaga Jazzist.