More sights worth seeing, things worth doing in Oslo:

  • The Astrup Fearnley Museum of contemporary art.
  • The Munch Museum. Lively up your vacation with angst Edvard Munch style. Don't go here to see The Scream, it is in the Nasjonalgalleriet.
  • Pubs and clubs:
    • Zoo Lounge. Redecorated by a new artist every sixth week. Supposedly a unique consept on an european scale. Nice place to drink coffee anyhow.
    • Mono, Blitz, Patagonia. Alternative hangouts.
    • Skansen, Head On, Jazid. Clubbing.
    • So What. Goth flesh market.
    • Blå. Norways most important scene for jazz at the moment.
  • The great outdoors:
    • Frognerparken. Home of the Monolith, Norways cultural pride.
    • The park surrounding the Kings Castle. Wonderful place to sit in the grass and drink a cup of take away coffee.
    • The isles. Cheap transportation by boat provided by Oslo. See cute little bunnies at Gressholmen or ruins at Hovedøya. Or just go there to drink beer and swim.
    • Nordmarka/Østmarka. Large forest areas outside town. Clean air and beautiful scenery 15 minutes by train and a 15 minutes walk from the city centre.
  • Blindern (The University of Oslo). Go there and get someone to bring you to one of the students pubs. Only way to drink beer without getting ripped off in Oslo.

That's about all there is to it, I guess.