Aaah. The lack of permanence.

As things will be distinctly changed in two weeks, I feel a stimulation of my longing for instability. As opposed to earlier, though, I am pretty certain that things will work out OK no matter what this time. This takes some of the edge off it, but I hope I will be able to stay alert to possible problems. I usually think of changes as the start of new adventures, but now I have minor, but growing, fear that this is the beginning of a downward spiral.

My plan for the next year (as of five days ago) was to eat herring and bread every day. My dinners this week have been take-away from McDonald's and pizza. Total and utter failure so far. Will have to look into these matters, but there have been to much on my schedule to make time for this. (This, of course, is a self-delusion. I've had two nights free, but I spent them noding.)