I finally got to present the norwegians with all the financial information I was able to gather. After 7 months of dodging reality, I presented them with everything they need to know to do reasonable decisions. I will have to get back to them to improve the numbers somewhat, but what they made out of it so far was about as expected.

Lost a game of strategy with the representatives of the people of the east, won a rematch. Our heads imploded, I had some nachos and the former barbarian negotiated us a great deal on everyday stimulants.

Restocked on cheap and simple, but necessary security equipment. Someone tried to sell us mobile communication equipment.

Discovered that while my factual write-ups are lucky to get a single vote, the nonsensical ramblings that are my day logs both gather handsome amounts of votes and now even a cool. My XP to node ratio was at 4.17 at login but sank to 3.85 as I added a few more write-ups to reach Level 3. Which I did. Woho!