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mission drive within everything
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i can regurgitate whole grapes, bend my finger to touch the back of my hand, and burp my abc's
tamarac high school. named after the tree, but we didnt spell it right cuz the school's full of dumbasses.
You can't get the "system" or the government. to do everything for you. Get up off your fat lazy ass and stop suing people for stupid shit.
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you're not better than everybody else (idea)
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Name=me.(or you, depending on who's talking to me, me or you.)
Place of residence=here.
Age=today-my birthdate.
Birthdate=today+my age.
Hair color=varies.
Eyes=brown. dark brown.
Race=??!! I dont RUN!!!
Breast size= D. i think. anyway, one's a little under D. the other's a little above D.
Breast names=Matilda(she's the big girl on your left) and joan(smaller, on your right).
Instruments played=(no shit I'm bragging, i know there's people that can play more, im gettin there) flute, piccolo, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, clarinet, trumpet, some below mediocre piano shkills and of course I can sing from a tenor to sopranista range.
I don't have money, i don't have a car, i don't have a job, i dont have a girlfriend (that would be wierd for my boyfriend) but I'm in a BAND!!

Want to know anything else? ask me. Yell really loudly and I just might hear you.