This is also the tackiest niteclub you are ever going to come upon in the world. It's in Val Claret, Tignes in the heart of the French Alps. It's ski bums tack-disco paradise, with songs played that were in the British charts the year previous as well as lots of really good French hiphop.

It's quite small and cavarnous inside, and everything glows since there are UV bulbs everywhere.

Frequented by scuzzy old pervy Tignards (men of the local area) as well as absolute babes of ski-bums, a girl cannot go there without hearing a tack come-on, or ten. But if you're not picky about who you snog/shag it's certainly the place to go.

Having said that, it is the best craic ever if you're just looking for craic!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself every night I was there - especially given that it's the only niteclub open in Tignes in the Summer ski season.